Troy First United Methodist Church

Type of work: Branding
Year: 2020

Troy First UMC logo

Troy First UMC is a community Church in a large town in Ohio. The organization has a rich history as a cultural institution and a hub for the community. They have iconic architecture and provide a beacon of hope within the town center.

Problem Framing

The most recent iteration of their brand had negative connotations due to its original creator, and, although it wasn’t problematic to the general observer, it held bad memories for the staff of the church. They needed an updated look that indicated new growth and honored their historical roots.

sketchbook full of logo concepts
Early logo concepts in my sketchbook


I worked closely with the lead pastor to develop a new logo, color palette, and brand guidelines. In order to give the new brand room to grow, I created a living document, giving guardrails rather than rules. Their staff is largely volunteer and transient, and each wave brings new ideas, new programs, and new expressions of the community.

I wanted the brand to be able to stay consistent while passing through so many hands, and therefore focused on defining principles.


The church has experienced a recent flux of new guests and continues to build on its legacy as a trustworthy local institution. They have successfully integrated new programs that adhere to the groundwork I laid down for them.

Final Logo