The RV Clinic

the rv clinic logo

Type of work: Branding, Web Design
Year: 2015

The RV Clinic is a small mechanic shop in South West Ohio that focuses on repairing and refurbishing large recreation vehicles and food trucks. Their owner is passionate about meeting clients where they are, and works on large and small projects. I was brought on to design the first iteration of their brand identity and design a small marketing website.

Problem Framing

As a new business, their first priority was to stand out from the crowd, be there for experienced RV owners, and attract a younger clientele who are looking for an inexpensive entry to recreational vehicles and wheeled residences.

Their competitors are national brands that offer repair services and vehicle sales, as well as local shops with poor reputations. They needed to differentiate themselves on both flanks and offer an easy, customized experience.


I conducted market research to appropriately position the brand. Looking at local and national RV brands, repair shops, and campsites. I determined that outdoor leisure was the end goal for their clients and rather than focus the branding on a clinician metaphor, I suggested they play into the desires of RV owners — getting out on the open road.

After a few rounds of sketches I presented the concept of a horizontal badge which directly references patches found on mechanic uniforms across the country. I added line drawings of a conifer and a palm tree to indicate leisure and travel from coast to coast, placing the wordmark between the drawings as geographic symbolism for the shop’s location in the midwest.


In the 6 years since their grand opening their business has boomed. They have consistently been at capacity and have never needed to run a marketing campaign. Their website continues to be a source for new clients and they regularly receive compliments on its usability and simplicity, which contrasts their competitors.


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