New Creation Counseling Center

New Creation Counseling Center

Type of work: Branding, Web Design
Year: 2019

New Creation Counseling Center logo

New Creation Counseling Center is a nonprofit organization that operates using a sliding payment scale for clients of every economic background.

Problem Framing

The original logo was poorly constructed, displayed a caucasian hand, and had a dated color palette. The brand was portrayed inconsistently at each location and didn’t have any unifying guidelines. The result was a confusing experience that frustrated their administration and cost potential clients.

New Creation Counseling Center logo
New logo


I met with their leadership to determine the pain points with their brand, what was sacred and what was open to change. After developing many iterations of concepts that spanned from subtle to wild-and-crazy, we landed on an update to the original logo. I drew new vector forms and developed a new color palette that is soft and welcoming while standing out among their competition.

After producing a refreshed logo, I worked with their team to develop brand guidelines. Collaborating with their in-house designer, I helped construct email templates, print collateral, a new website, wayfinding and signage.


Their new brand is cohesive. They now have the foundation to transition into remote counseling with confidence that their audience will not feel lost. They don’t create new iterations of the brand anymore, but operate within a framework that wins their clients’ trust over time.

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