Grist Provisions

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Type of work: Branding, Packaging
Year: 2020

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The owners of Grist are two West Coast trained chefs who specializes in pasta, bread, and dessert. Their unique approach to food retail is through freshly made grains, wine, and gourmet jarred goods. They decided to move into a retail location in Dayton, Ohio.

Problem Framing

Grist started business by selling wholesale to local restaurants with high quality, daily made breads and pastas, but they wanted to break into the retail space. Their hand-drawn logo needed to adapt for a wider variety of applications, their color palette and typography needed definition, and they wanted to build trust with their audience by delivering a consistent experience.

They also needed to freshen up their packaging. The packaging had to be easily changed and updated frequently to accommodate their rotating menu.


I was brought in to develop brand guidelines. I helped define their typographic system, color palette, supplemental patterns and illustrations, and photography guidelines. I also helped refine their messaging to offer clarity around how to approach the business in 2020.

I also developed templates for their packaging using an online tool that allows their team to update and print new labels on a whim. The templates enforce a strict grid to ensure consistency and make it easy for their staff to reproduce quality designs without prior experience.


Grist now has a seamless brand experience, from their in-store offerings to social media posts. They are thriving in their new retail space. They are able to experiment in the kitchen and produce excellent products without the logistics involved in ordering new packaging.

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