Ginghamsburg Church

Ginghamsburg church logo

Type of work: Brand Engagement, Guest Journey
Year: 2019

Ginghamsburg logo

Ginghamsburg Church is a large church in rural Western Ohio. Their goal is to be a welcoming community for all people.

Problem Framing

The old welcome center was antiquated, with an old expression of the brand and a concierge approach to helping people. The volunteer staff was positioned behind a tall barrier, inaccessible to help children or wheelchair users. Behind the desk was a classroom that was frequently used but difficult to locate.

3D rendering of the connection center at Ginghamsburg church
3D render showing a handicap accessible shelf with digital kiosks


I was initially approached as a consultant to find a better solution for the space, and ended up taking on much of the architectural and interior design. I met with leadership, interviewed new guests about their experience, and met with volunteers who had good ideas of their own.

Using a 3D rendering program, I sketched my ideas and received positive feedback from the team. I then scheduled Carpenters, electricians, environmental graphic printers, and the volunteers themselves to turn the space into a reality.

wide angle photo of the new connection center
Wide angle photo of the new connection center


The church is now able to use the space more efficiently, with better way-finding and a more welcoming environment. The new display shelves are handicap accessible, and serve as a positive first impression.

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